muhammad naeem

Hello all i have an issue with NTLM.

I make some .aspx pages from sharepoint designer and publish them over a sharepoint sub site.

Now from AAM(alternate access mapping) i add a url for internet and the anonymous access is disable

my problem is that when a person go to visit the pages which are created by me its open an NTLM prompt even if the person is already logged in.

I donĄ¯t want that prompt on every custom page. can anyone help me out how can i overcome it

Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation Unwanted Authentication Prompts

Thom Molnár-Boivin

If these pages are at a different URL, guessing by the fact that you've had to add an alternative access mapping, then I think that th problem may go away if you have the users add the new URL to the Intranet Zone in their Internet Explorer security set-up.

I hope that helps.