Hi everybody,

I am trying to enable people to modify workflow association data after a workflow has been instanciated for an item.

But i think that this is not the right way, so i understand that i need to use modification.

So what i did is use an enableworkflowmodification activity and use onworkflowmodified ( in a listen activity so i can listen for itemchanged event at the same time).

for enableworkflowmodification i use the same InfoPath form as for the initiation and i will the modificationform with initiationdata. I have set up the workflow.xml to use the same form association for modification.

The workflow compiles and seems to run correcty...only one problem....how can i actualy get to this form and modify data

i have looked everywhere for this modification form in the SharePoint site but i cant find it.

Maybe i misunderstood how the modification works

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According to http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms480794.aspx . Defining a modification adds a link on the workflow status page for that particular modification.

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Ok so i got that part right but i don't see the link to the modification form on the workflow status page.

My workflow kind of looks like this:

| |
onitemchanged onworkflowmodified

I use an onworkflowmodified because else the workflow wil crash ( and i probably will need this event to save the contextdata )

enableworkflowmodification and onworkflowmodified use the same owneractivityname and have the same modificationid.

the modificationID is the same i use in workflow.xml.

Does anyone have an idea why i cannot access my modification form.

i also put this in my workflow.xml:

Code Snippet


<Modification_12D67BB7-40FC-4011-A0C3-A5C41898EC1C_Name>Change my form</Modification_12D67BB7-40FC-4011-A0C3-A5C41898EC1C_Name>

Does anyone have a clue of why i can't see the modificationlink

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I think you need to add OnWorkflowModified activity to EventHandlers section of the EventHandling Scope. This is described on the buttom of the page linked to in my previous post.

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I have added and eventdrivenActivity to my eventhandlers activity section and in this eventdrivenActivity i have added an onworkflowmodified acitivity.
I did this by click with the right mouse button on the evenhandlingscopeactivity and then clicking on view event handlers. I dragged the activity's here.

i first removed the onworkflowmodifiedActivity from the whileActivity wich made the listenactivity unnecessary(removed that to). I also changed the settings of onworkflowmodifiedActivity to correlate to my token and modification form.

I still don't see the modification link on my worklfow status page.

I have run the microsoft modification sample wich DOES show the modifylink. So something in my workflow is still not configured correctly but i can't find out what....

Any clue of what it could be

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I have found the problem, and it's simple...

It's an upper case lower case problem.

When i generate a GUID with visual studio GUID generator i get an UPPER CASE GUID. I paste this in workflow.xml, so the workflow.xml has an upper case version of my GUID.

Then i paste the GUID in the modificationID property of my onworkflowmodified and enableworkflowmodification. What Visual studio automatically does is make the ModificationID lowercase.

So i guess because the workflow doesn't find an correlating formID it doesent show the modification link.

Thanks for the help anyway.

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Khan Asif


I need lettle help on using Modification form, and setting ids, prop or contextData string values of enableWorkflowModification and using onWorkflowModified.

I have also uploaded my question at http://forums.microsoft.com/MSDN/showpost.aspx postid=2401902&siteid=1

Can you please help