D. Sean Kelly

How to you grant read/write access to a list to an unauthenticated user

We've got a portal that does no require the user to be authenticated in order to access some of the information. They want to have the user optionally complete a 'Rate This Page' type web part. The web part stores the responses in a custom list (portal level list).

If I authenticate to the portal, the Rate This Page web part functions well. If I attempt to use the web part as an un-authenticated user it asks for a user name and password as it tries to start working with the list.

I've been able to get impersonation to work; but I've only been able to change from one authenticated user to another authenticated user. Whenever I try to instantiate an Impersonator object as un-authenticated it asks for the username/password to instantiate that object.

I'm using the Impersonator class from http://www.mariner-usa.com

D. Sean Kelly