I had a install of wss v3 on a stand alone server for pre-build and testing. We bought a new server for this job and set it up. We now have 3 servers in the server group. Setup a demo site works great.

Backup site from old server and restore to new server. Update settings for new Full SQL server settings from Express, new content database. Works great. However, the auto-login from Internet Explorer doesn't work anymore so I am required to put in domain\username to login even when the site is in my local intranet security group.

Why Any ideas on how to reset this setting. I need my domain users to be able to login automaticly from their domain pc.

Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation Site move from old server to new. Works Great but requires domain\username now?


i am sorry i don't have your answer but i have a question. where did you find good documentation on how to move your site to another server I am trying to move my entire installation of wss2.0 to another server to test upgrading to wss 3.0 but am running into problems migrating the data.