DJ Lordee


We intend to write custom WF workflow within a WSS 3.0 environment. We want to know if there's documentation about the workflow execution statistics (what are they, where are they located, can we extract them to create dashbaords, etc.).

We would like to have the ability to monitor the execution of our WF workflows within WSS as much as it could be done in a pure WF workflow. An example of what we would like can be seen at this site. This is a custom solution that monitors each workflow instance and linked it to the workflow designer to show exactly where the workflow is.

One way would be to customize this solution to gather data within WSS realm instead of a custom one. This is where we need help since it is poorly documented from a WSS perspective.

Any help will be appreciated.


DJ Lordee

Re: SharePoint - Workflow WSS Workflow - Monitoring

Tomas Breen

I am interested in hearing more information about this. If you have already done some work on this, could you follow it up I am about to start developing webparts to take care of workflow reporting. I find it strange that MS took this functionality so far without finishing off reporting on it. Managers are crying out for this.


p.s. I will post more as I develop on this.