i have set up WSS and am uploading documents to the "shared document" site.

i have realised that whatever i upload there is visible to EVERYONE.

this is not the feature i am looking for.i want to determine who can see and edit what..

eg. i want a situation where user A can upload documents and it will only be seen by a group of people, like user B and user C.

How can i achieve this in WSS Does it involve creating folders Can anyone gently guide me on this


Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation wss document level permissions problem

Neil Hodgkinson - MSFT


You can use different permissions to provide different levels of access but if user A is allowed to upload a document that same user will be able to see it after it has been uploaded.

You can use individual document permissions rather than the default library level permissions by breaking the inheritance on the library. Under library settings you can check the option for this.

To simulate your example where user A can only upload and Users B and C can only read (assuming user A can also read) and users D and E cannot see the document then you need to use unique permissions. In this instance I would create a folder and put the permissions on the folder.