I created an additional content database associated with a web application.

Then I created a site collection which appeared to use that content database.

Then I deleted that site collection, which appeared to put the Current Number of Sites in that database back to 0.

Then I tried to set the Site Level Warning and Maximum Number of sites for that content database to 1.

On clicking OK to save these settings, I get a message "The database capacity setting values must be greater then the number of existing sites in the database, and warning site count must be less than the maximum site count." (So the warning site count is the problem but ignore for now)

Click Content Databases in the bread crumb trail to get back to Manage Content Databases

Site Level Warning and Maximum Number of Sites are both set to 1

Click through to my content database again, and the values displayed are the old ones (not both 1)



Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation Content Database number of sites administration bug

Nilesh Mehta


This could possibly be because your site collection might still be in the recycle bin and not completely deleted. By default the recycle bin is cleaned out on a schedule.

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Nilesh Mehta