Instead of spending money on bandwidth, we had an idea to disperse our WSS servers.
So, we would have a central site with regional sites.
Assume in this example, site A, B, and the central site.
The central site hosts the portal functionality and in WSS the crawling of regional sites only.

Is it possible to have everyone at each of the regional sites using one front end or do they each have to have their own front end
If someone from site B wants to collaborate with someone from site A, how do they do this
I didn't think it could be done with regional sites or is there some way WSS can index the documents from a regional site
If so, would the document be editable


Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion dispersed sites - crawl with WSS

Becky Isserman

I am not 100% sure, but I believe you can do this in MOSS 2007 and not WSS 3. The difference I believe between MOSS and WSS is that MOSS has the ability to connect various WSS sites that are not on the same server and not usually linked together. If you had MOSS, then you could crawl all the sites from a central area. They should be able to edit documents on each site as long as they have permissions to the document or document library.