Hi all,

I have been pretty much stumped trying to create a custom sequential activity whose purpose is to handle errors found in my workflows much easier than the current process and to provide more information in a more convenient way than I am doing right now.

Here's the architecture:

Custom sequential workflow activity (XAML / code separation) and inside there, is a LogEvent activity and a SendEmail activity, specifically meant to produce helpful information regarding exceptions thrown in a workflow.

Custom state machine workflow (the state machine part technically doesn't matter) that is pretty complex, so I wanted to build a custom activity that I could drop on an a FaultHandler Activity, configure a few properties, and be off.

Here's how I've tried to solve it, with no success because it's the wrong method or just because I screwed something up in the implementation:

  1. Trying to use a correlation token originating from an IListItemService
  2. Trying to create my own ExternalDataExchangeService interface (not supported by SharePoint AFAIK)
  3. Trying to pass a correlation token as a dependency property on the custom sequential activity from parent workflow activity to child activity (thought it could work but i couldn't get it to work)
  4. Trying to use the CallExternalMethodActivity using the ISharePoint interface to get a correlation token that plays nice with the SendEmail
  5. Trying to use the HandleExternalEvent using the ISharePoint interface - couldn't find any automatic events that would just get me a token, and this is the wrong way to go anyways... but I tried nonetheless because I'm becoming increasingly desperate to get this working with a deadline looming and all...

I would really appreciate any help that anyone can offer (Tom Lake, I know you can help me, I hope you read this!)

Thanks much,


Re: SharePoint - Workflow Problem with SendEmail CorrelationToken in custom Sequential Activity


Hi ,Max

Have you fixed that problem If you did,please let me know. I am facing the the similar problem....