Hi, I'm having trouble viewing the full result set of a People search in Sharepoint 2007. This only happens when the search results are viewed by 'social distance' and only for certain network logons. When I view the results by 'relvance' the whole search result is visible. Specifically when logged on as a particular user and doing a search for people in a particular department in our organization I get 3 pages of results, the first page is fine, but the second page only shows the navigation links and nothing else on it. The third page mysteriously also only has one person on it. All of this goes away if I switch to view results by relvance instead of social distance and I see the full 3 pages of results. Also this is not a problem if I log onto our network as a different user.

I am having a hard time finding documentation on how Sharepoint figures out 'social distance', can anyone point me to some articles on this Or, if anyone has had a similar problem please let me know how you solved it. For now I've made the 'order by relevance' the default for searches but would like to get to the bottom of this issue.



Re: SharePoint - Search Social Distance and Problems Viewing Search Results

Puneet Narula - MSFT

The most likely cause for this is that for some results you are not getting UserProfile_Guid as one of the properties back for search result. It is unable to sort the result without that property.

If what I said above is true then if you do your query where it skips results(i.e if you click through to the page where you dont have any results) then it will log something similar to this in the ULS logs

"PeopleCoreResultsWebPart: Result returned did not have a user guid"

If this is the case then the question comes what is special about those people that they do not have a Userprofile_Guid Can you render their profile page If yes then you can try recrawling people data(full) to see if that will fix this for you. You can also look in the crawl logs and see if their were errors in crawling profiles for those people.