Hi there,

In designing page layouts for a MOSS 2007 publishing site, I need to ensure the font used is one specified by my CSS - i.e. don't allow users entering content to change the font. I thought I'd accomplished this by setting AllowFonts to false within the PublishingWebControls:RichHtmlField's tag properties... but no. When pasting content into this control inline styles can still be applied. I've tried setting other properties to false as well (DisableCustomStyles, AllowTextMarkup, DisableBasicFormattingButtons) to no avail.

It's not really acceptable to have to tell users to edit the HTML to remove the styles, or specify that they only type directly into the pop-up 'Edit HTML Source' box which removes formatting on pasting in content - they shouldn't have to be concerned about that. As I can't override inline styles with CSS, does anyone know if there's another way to disallow fonts, since it seems that AllowFonts=false just doesn't function correctly

Thanks for any workarounds/advice,