Hello all,

I am building a custom workflow in SharePoint Designer to manage some forms on a SharePoint, and I was wondering if it was possible to assign a single workflow to several document libraries. I have several form libraries to hold forms, one for each corporate division, and I need to assign the same worfklow to each. I would rather not have to rewrite the workflow for each library.

Also, if it IS possible to assign a single workflow to several doc. libraries, is it possible to then select libraries based on a variable in the form In other words... Say IT creates the form. After some form management, it will be moved to another folder where it can be approved or rejected. Then, when one of these actions happen, it should be moved back to the IT form library. Currently I have one workflow for each form library, so I can easily dictate that the form should be copied to IT. However , if a single workflow is used for each form library, this may not be possible anymore... I would need to look at the "division" field in the form (which I made into a column when I created a content type based on the form) and based on that, figure out where to send the form.



Re: SharePoint - Workflow assigning a single workflow to several doc. libraries


Unfortunately, this is not possible with SPD; it is single-site/single-list only. To get the workflow on multiple libraries, you'll need to recreate it each time.

If you use Visual Studio to create your WF, then everything you're looking to do (and more) is possible