I'm trying to get this to work for about 2 weeks now and can't find a proper solution for this issue:

We're using WSS V 3 with an SQL Express Database.

The alert mails are working fine when I'm the only person who is assigned to this issue, with "Alert on any changes" - option and also with the "My Issues" - option (Im creating issues via a test account and assign them to myself).

I'm creating the alerts for the other users (about 50) via the administrator account. After opening a new issue with me and a few other users assigend to this problem the alert message is not send somehow. Also there's no error message generated in the log files and event monitor.

The mail addresses assigned to the users are correct, so is the outgoing smtp server (We got a few other systems which are sending via this smtp server without any problems, also it worked for me in the beginning).

Also I don't know about the option "Send mail when ownership is assigned". Should I enable this

Any help appriciated!

Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion Alerts not working correct with custom views in an issue list


Well I got it working now after I enabled the "send mail when ownership is assigned" - option. Did I miss something here Is this option necessary Cause the normal email alerts are also working without this...