I've got a question about barcodes.

Is it possible to customize the barcode generation feature so that I can "handle" it. I mean... for example, I have an instruction and a process guideline and I need to get barcodes that will have a defined set of values (at the beginning or at the end - actually, it doesn't matter) showing that this document is an instruction and that is a process guideline. (ex. 111.......- are instructions; 222.....- are process guidelines)

Can one introduce such changes into the barcode feature and what technology should he/she use

Thank you.

Re: SharePoint - Enterprise Content Management SharePoint 2007: barcodes

Steven Allen

It sounds like you would need to buy or build and then deploy a custom barcode generator to your server farm. If you are a developer, there is some sample code for authoring and deploying a custom barcode in the ECM Starter Kit (Enterprise Content Management).

For the starter kit, go here: http://blogs.msdn.com/ecm/archive/2006/10/10/ECM-Starter-Kit-for-B2TR.aspx

For a blog posting from the SharePoint Records Management Team Blog that discusses the barcode feature, go here: http://blogs.msdn.com/recman/archive/2006/08/10/694087.aspx

I hope this helps,