Here's my dilema. I am new to SPS and ASP.NET and I want to build a set of pages that display active content such as PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, Word Documents, and a couple of things like a NASDAQ Ticker and a local weather forecast. The page needs to be sectioned into basically 5 panels/frames (whatever you want to call them) and in each panel the active content needs to be displayed based on a user/group level access.

Here's the concept:

I have a company that has 4 major locations, with 3 major departments, and 8 subordinate departments. I want to set up a plasma screen attached to a workstation at each of the 4 major locations that displays some stuff about the company as a whole (Powerpoint, Word, etc...) in one area of my webpage (Panel 1) and based on what location the plasma is set up at I want to have some department content displayed (Panel 2). Along with the location (panel 2) I want to have some local information (Panel 3) displayed something like "The Week In Review" or something along those lines that is directly related to the subordinate departments. Each of the 3 panels on the page will display content based on whether or not it is "active" or not. The reasoning is there will be times at each level (except at company level) when there won't be anything to display and if nothing is active at that level I want to pull resources from the next higher level and display the content from that level.

I can see that multiple pages are going to have to be created (one page for each location to sign in with) and some structured code may have to be implemented in order to handle the actions that should happen if active content is not available at the given location.

With that in mind, I have researched all over the place and watched a few tutorials regarding some of the actions and I think that creating a page for each site is the direction I am going to attack this with so at this point I have created a basic "default.aspx" page from within SPS (like I said earlier, I'm not a developer so I'm trying to do most if not all of this from within SPS) and added a couple of webparts like the "RSS Feed", Web Page Viewer" and "Image". The problem I am running into is that these types of webparts do not allow you to select whether or not the content is "Active" or not so if I display the page and something changes (i.e. the filename or a filename extension) then the resulting page will not be displayed properly. The second piece to this is that if there isn't any content at all for the given level then nothing will be displayed because I don't see options available within the application to allow for content to be pulled into a webpart based on it's "Active" status.

Server System Specs.

OS: Windows 2003 Server SP2 configured as a Domain Controller with IIS 6.0 installed and configured for WSS

Sharepoint: WSS 3.0 (Just the services, I don't have a portal server app installed)

SQL: 2005

Office Products: FrontPage 2003

Visual Studio: .NET 2003

So that's the scenario in a nutshell. Can someone help me please Many thanks!!!!

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Paul Galvin

You have a lot of stuff going on.

My first suggestion would be that you work with an experienced partner to get the intitial setup working. I think it will save you some grief.

That said, audience targeting in conjunction with content query web parts (and others) may be useful. You should research that concept. I know MOSS better, but I think that audience targeting is a WSS feature as well.

You don't really address it, but you need to consider security. Do you want to prevent the other sites from ever being able to see each others' data, or is it just a matter of convenience

Sounds very cool, good luck.

Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion New To Sharepoint & ASP.NET


Thank you Paul!

I will look into the content query webpart more. So far I have been using the Page Viewer webpart and I have been able to at least display the contents of some of the files I want to host on these things and I looked at target audiencing these things but the way I understand target audiencing is that it is that the webpart is either displayed or it isn't based on the sign on of the user and the way that I am going to host these consoles there won't be any users on the machines.

To answer your note about security, I am simply putting a cpu behind a wall and attaching a plasma screen to the front side of the wall at each of my offices and one of my administrators will log onto the machine and connect to the page for that office. Once connected, the resulting sharepoint page will display on the plasma screen and it won't be touched by anyone except one of the administrators or me. I do have the need to change the files periodically that are being displayed and that's where I have one of the problems. While file names and the types of files I want to display are being changed, added, updated and so forth the files will not be available for viewing at each of the specific areas so what I would like to have happen is that the particular webpart that is being updated does a query to see what files are available or "active" if you will for that particular webpart (if it's panel 1 then search for all panel 1 objects that are active and display the first active file, if it's panel 2 then search for all active panel 2 objects and display the first active file and if nothing is active for panel 2, go up to panel one and grab the active content in panel 1 and display in panel 2. The same would hold true for panel 3. Query for active files in panel 3, if no files active in panel 3 area go to panel 2 and search for active files and display the first active file from panel 2 area, if no files active in panel 2 area go up to panel 1 area and search for active content and display in panel 3). Do you think this is possible with the content query webpart

The second part to this scenario I guess is where do I store the files that I want to be displayed Would they have to reside in a shared folder or would I have to create a document library for the sake of setting a status to the document of "active" or "inactive" I know the capability of setting those types of values to a file from within Windows is impossible and I know that I have to be able to toggle files status' between the two but I'm not sure how to accomplish that one just yet either so that's basically the 2 major things i'm trying to accomplish with this whole concept and if I can get it to work on at least one page, without having to write a bunch of back-end code, then I can recreate the additional pages for the other locations.