Bob from the Midwest


I work in the Health Care field at a health clinic here in the midwest. The executives of my company want me to create a very relative information rich portal. I am looking for some tips, suggestions, and to be pointed in the right direction on this.

Is there any books, websites, or other tutorials that cover this topic well

They want it set up so lets say doctor logs in, the doctor sees only announcements, news, and information relevant to him/her. If a provider logs in he/she only sees information relative to him/her. If a member of the nursing staff, business office, etc logs in they only see information relative to them. We are a company with abuot 150 doctors and about 1,500 employees. We have about 8 locations in a metropolitan area. They want a doctor to be able to log in and look only at information that is relevant to them, and not waste time looking at anything else. This applies to other employees as well, but especially for doctors and providers.

I have the security trimming working well. That was easy to figure out and implement. I have a sharepoint site set up, with the doctors/providers having a subsite in the collection. Everything is security trimmed for them, where things that are for "doctors only" show up only for doctors.

I'm wondering about the option of a "Personalization Site". Is it best to include this as a link they can click on for further relevant info Or is it a good option to have them begin at the Personalization site They are not interested in the staff having "mysites", but I understand you can still have personalization sites without having mysites. They are also very interested in KPIs and dashboards.

Again, I am looking for overall direction on this. If anyone has suggestions, tips, websites, books, etc to point me in the direction on this, that would be great.