The current problem is that when trying to run the Configuration Wizard you get the following message.

Exception of Microsoft.SharePouint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException was thrown.

Additional exception information: Sharepoint Products and Technologies could not be configured. The current installation does not support SKU to SKU upgrades because there exists an older version of Windows Sharepoint Services that must be upgraded first.

Course of events

The server is Server 2003 SBS. SharePoint 2.0 was running and 3.0 was being installed which indicated that .Net 3.0 which was done. Then the Sharepoint.exe was run again which started up the installation process. The "Upgrade" selection was made which ran awhile then completed the installation, but then could not run the configuration due to the above error.

We have tried to remove 3.0 but it only starts to run then just quits. A repair will go all the way through but does not allow using the wizard.

Any help would be appreciated.