To implement word stemming is it as simple as editing core search results and 'flicking the switch' or must one add the word stemming terms to the thesaurus with **

I.e. run**

I have just flicked the switch but havent bothered with makeing any stemming related additions to the thesaurus. Would stemming work for given this scenario

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I have had an issue where using the stemming setting on the core results webpart prevents search phrases in the thesaurus from displaying results. I have not been able to find any information on why this may happen yet.

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Tarjei Lægreid

You enable stemming by setting the property in the editor part of the search core results webpart.

Be aware that the stemming algorithm is determined by the client browser language. This means that if the client has e.g. french enabled as its locale, french stemming rules are applied (which often makes the stemming feature really useless in multi-language scenarios)..