We would like to setup an intranet side access to SharePoint with also a farm in a DMZ to allow internet access. Whether this is done by publishing to the internet zone or by direct access I am not sure yet.

The internet licence is $40k, whereas I am led to believe we could do this WSS v3.0 on the internet side. Is that possible MOSS on intranet, WSS on internet with external connector for $2k instead

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Hi, I don't think you can do that if you want to use the same SharePoint configuration.

But if you want to install SharePoint server for intranet, and use another topology for the internet in the DMZ with just WSS, you can do that. But these will be typically 2 different SharePoint installation.

Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion DMZ setup?

andrew woodward

WSS is the platform on which MOSS is built, if your intranet is based on MOSS and you want to share this information via the internet (i.e. the same information) you will need to use MOSS for the internet facing server. Note here there is a requirement for the server farm to be based on either Internet connector license OR CAL and not both.

If you have a the need to only share some information on the internet you could created a dedicated WSS server in the dmz that is internet facing and pay the $2k connector license. This site would be stand-alone and not share any data with you Intranet site, it would also only have the WSS features.


Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion DMZ setup?

Mike Walsh MVP

That in essence is indeed the solution that avoids paying for the MOSS connection licenses.

In fact the only reason I'm coming in at all is to wonder about having both WSS 3.0 and MOSS in the DMZ but with WSS 3.0 open only to the Internet and MOSS 2007 open only to the Intranet.

Then it ought to be possible to have Data View Web Parts in the WSS 3.0 sites which display (read-only) information that is taken from Lists in the MOSS 2007 installation.

Provided the access to the "master" information in that MOSS 2007 installation is anonymous, this should be a way of getting data from MOSS into your Internet-only web site without breaking any rules and needing any MOSS-style Internet connection licences.

I'm not sure however what Microsoft's stance on this would be (don't let the MVP after my name fool you). Certainly the only thing they are guaranteed to accept as falling within their licensing requirements would be new data (or copies of data) in the WSS 3.0 site rather than just views of data that is stored elsewhere.

Mike Walsh