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I need help to trouble shoot MOSS server farm setup issue...

Good news

MOSS BDC Search In dev/test environment Search is working fine for following two scenarios

1. Single server farm (SQL/Index/Query hosted on one server)

2. Two server farm

a. One dedicated MOSS SQL Server

b. And One Application Server (both Index and Query Role)

We are trying to setup production like MOSS Farm environment for search in test. We have need help to trouble shoot our setup.

Bad News

Have setup issue when we go with Dedicated Index server and separate Query server

More details¡­.

Our MOSS Search topology follows the typical medium farm recommendation ( 5 server farm)

a2 WFE/Query servers

a 1 dedicated Index server

a 2 SQL servers

Related tech net link for MOSS topology recommendation ( en-us/library/b474b3dd-b1e3-4d3e-a83c-bc4a6ec4e0ef1033.mspx)

We are having setup issue in our test environment where we have

e One MOSS Sql Server

e One dedicated Index Server

e One Query server

Our BDC catalog crawl is working fine. CSTAR DB Data is getting crawled and crawl log shows the data (can see it profile page). Problem is the BDC Catalog indexes are not getting propagated to query server and therefore we are not seeing search results when we execute search query on dedicated query server. I need some help to trouble shoot this setup.

Additional info

CSTAR web application queries MOSS query web service QuereEx web method (http://server/_vti_bin/Search.asmx) to retrieve search results

PS: Looking for someone who has setup a farm with atleast one dedicated index server and one dedicated Query server for search. We are blocked with this issue. Appreciate your help



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