I'm trying to change a page layout for one of the pages in my site through the Page Settings page. When I make the change, I press OK and it shows the changed page layout, but when I view the page it is still using the orignal page layout. How can I fix this

Re: SharePoint - Design and Customization Troube Changing Page Layout

The Mossman

Hmm, I haven't heard of this problem before. What page layouts are you switching between

When I go to my publishing site and edit the page and then click Page / Page Settings and Schedule and then switch the page layout from "(Welcome Page) Welcome splash page" to "(Welcome Page) Blank Web Part Page" and click Ok... the page layout switches. If I go back to the Page Settings and Schedule page the dropdown has my new layout selected. I think you would have to Publish and Approve the changes before un-authenticated users will see the new layout.