Anca Mosoiu


I'm new to the world of SharePoint development, though I have developed many applications on a variety of platforms (from Windows MFC to Java to PHP). I am not super-familiar with ASP.Net or the hundreds of sub-tools and versions that that exist, so I'm kind of flailing trying to figure out how to do a simple ( ) task.

I'm trying to change the layout of a list view so that the items are displayed as a stack of boxes, instead of a table. Is it possible to do this in SharePoint Designer If so, am I supposed to edit templates Create new Views What is it called so I can find the right help topic

Looking in the code view for a page in SharePoint Designer, I've found some code that looks like this:


ctx = new ContextInfo();
ctx.listBaseType = ]]&gt;&lt;/HTML&gt;&lt;ListProperty Select="BaseType"/&gt;&lt;HTML&gt;&lt;![CDATA[;
ctx.listTemplate = ]]&gt;&lt;/HTML&gt;&lt;ListProperty Select="ServerTemplate"/&gt;&lt;HTML&gt;&lt;![CDATA[;
ctx.listName = ]]&gt;&lt;/HTML&gt;&lt;ScriptQuote&gt;&lt;List/&gt;&lt;/ScriptQuote&gt;&lt;HTML&gt;&lt;![CDATA[;
ctx.view = ]]&gt;&lt;/HTML&gt;&lt;ScriptQuote&gt;&lt;GetVar Name="View"/&gt;&lt;/ScriptQuote&gt;&lt;HTML&gt;&lt;![CDATA[;
ctx.listUrlDir = ]]&gt;&lt;/HTML&gt;&lt;ScriptQuote&gt;&lt;ListUrlDir ServerRel="TRUE" URLEncodeAsURL="TRUE"/&gt;&lt;/ScriptQuote&gt;&lt;HTML&gt;&lt;![CDATA[;


I've mucked about in this code, and managed to find the CAML statements used to generate the tables and was able to make some minor formatting changes (like removing the table header and changing table row styles).

However, I'm pretty sure this is not how one is supposed to edit the layout. Can someone please tell me where this code is generated, and what file(s) I need to change to, for example, change the look and feel of specific fields, change the layout from tabular to div-based, and so forth

is SharePoint designer even the right tool for this job



Re: SharePoint - Design and Customization How do I create a non-tabular list view using SharePoint Designer 2007?

Anca Mosoiu

Okay, I'm answering my own question here, but after looking through all the menu options, I was able to find a "Change Layout" option that did most of what I wanted right in the top-level menu of SharePoint designer.

To change the appearance of the list data, thre is a menu called "Data View". I used the option for "Change Layout" to change from a tabular to the "box" view, which solves the immediate problem.