I know there are a few threads about this issue around but none of them works for me, maybe my setup is somehow exceptional or I have done something terribly wrong (I am quite new to SharePoint development).

My setup is as follows: Windows 2003 Server Enterprise, Visual Studio 2005 Professional with everything available, SharePoint Services 3.0, SharePoint Services SDK, VS2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation, everything fully updated via Microsoft Update.

When I create a SharePoint Workflow (Sequential or State Machine) project, I can only see Windows Workflow tab in Toolbox, no SharePoint Workflow activities like Create Task or something else. I know it is installed because I can see all activities from Microsoft.SharePoint.WorkflowActions namespace when I want to customize (Choose Items) my Toolbox. My situation is somehow similar to the one described on but I use VS2005, not Orcas. I reinstalled all the addons (everything except Windows, VS and SharePoint) and it didn't help.

I know I can just follow the solution there and manually add those activites but the project is for my thesis, it took me long enough to properly install the whole development environment and I want to be sure that everything works as intended. If something is wrong at the very beginning, it may as well go terribly wrong later.

Do you have any idea on why something like that occurs Any tips to solve it

Re: SharePoint - Workflow No SharePoint Workflow toolbox in VS2005


I am facing the same problem too. Any updates on this