I have a custom Sharepoint page that I added a menu to. I'm using the menu from the Toolbox under Navigation.

The menu works great, but puts large, black arrows at the end of each static menu item to indicate that there is a dynamic sub menu.

Is there any way to modify that big, black arrow I cannot find a style, property, or image associated with it that I can modify.

Re: SharePoint - Design and Customization How do I modify the arrow at the end of a static menu item?

The Mossman

If you are creating Headings are you also creating Links underneath the Headings. The arrows should not show if you don't have any links.

If you do have links and you want to hide the arrows that's a different story. To get rid of those, you can check your master page where the section for <SharePoint:AspMenu ID="GlobalNav" is and remove StaticPopoutImageUrl="/_layouts/images/menudark.gif"

You can add some css to hide them:


.ms-topnav img {