I'm new to SharePoint Services. We have WSS 3.0 using WMSDE database. When I go to the Document Library Setting and select Workflow Settings, I get the Change Workflow Settings: Name of Library page. On this page, I have my workflows listed and the "Remove a workflow" link. I do not have an "Add a workflow" link and if I click on one of the workflows listed, I get an error message "This workflow cannot be customized from the browser. Use a SharePoint-compatible workflow editing tool, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, to edit this workflow". I would like to be able to add or edit my workflows in the browser if possible. From things I've read, adding workflows in the browser has some options that are unavailable to me in the Designer such as Start Options of "Start this workflow to approve publishing a major version of an item", etc.

And ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Re: SharePoint - Workflow "Add a Workflow" link is missing

Nicola Young

You are referring to the OBO workflows that come with MOSS. The only workflow you have available on a WSS 3.0 implementation is the three-state workflow and it needs to be activated through the site collection features. I do not do any workflows with Visual Studios, so you may want to check with someone about the ability to create the functionality you are looking for through it. As far as I know custom workflows will always need to be edited using SharePoint designer or another tool such as Visual Studio.