I setup a SharePoint 2003 a couple of years ago for a local company. Now I've been called back to fix some issues after they let a student upgrade to 2007 on his last afternoon.

The main problems are:
1. Can't open the portal home page in SharePoint designer even after disabling all the web parts in the maintenance page.
As a workaround I've created a new web part page to act as the home page.

2. Can no longer see lists on other sites in the Data Source Catalog. I can open other sites in SP Designer and see various XML files but not the lists and libraries.
I had set up a reports list on one site and data view web part lists on some other sites. These no longer work.

3. "Your Links" web part. I can't find this in the gallery to put it on the new web part page mentioned in 1. Does it still exist Should it work on the WP page or does it need to be the portal page The WP page is in the top level portal site.

Is there some new paradigm that I'm missing.

Any help appreciated.