I am trying to understand if it's possible to connect MOSS 2007 to an ACCESS 2000 Database using Bussiness Data Catalog, i have found a LobSystemInstance for an access 2007 database.

It's the same LobSystemInstance for an access 2000 version , if it's not,

can someone tell me the way to connect access 2000 to MOSS 2007

as you can see i am new in this "amazing" world of MOSS.

thx all!

Re: SharePoint - Business Data Catalog MOSS 2007 and ACCESS 2000


I too need help but with SQL Server. I am using MOSS's Business Data Catalog Definition Editor to author my metadata. But in the tool when I add my connection string I cannot create an entity. I know my connection string is right unless Im missing some extra parameters. Does anyone have a working connection string for SQL Server I also wish to use a stored procedure not a sql statement Is this possible Calling all you MOSS experts Please help me out.....

I want to create a Business Data Action in sharepoint...