I've been following instructions from you document named "2007 Microsoft Office System Business Intelligence Integration"

I am running both servers on one computer and am now trying to deploy reports to that server. In the document above it says "reports can be created and deployed to the Office SharePoint Server 2007".

So i've created a sample report configured the project as follows

TargetServer http://abc/reportserver

TargetReportFolder Reports

TargetDataSourceFolder DataSources

Then I right click on the report under the Solution Explorer and click deploy, and it returns this error.

Error 1 The operation is not supported on a report server that is configured to run in SharePoint integrated mode. 0 0

Please help! there's not enough information about deployment available!



Re: SharePoint - Business Intelligence Microsoft SSRS and SharePoint Server 2007

Braden Callahan

I found an article on this a while back:

It looks like you are not pointing your Report folder correctly, its the full path to the root of the document library that you want to deploy the report to.