I¡¯m using InfoPath 2007. I can¡¯t preview the file manifest.xsf. Also I can¡¯t open the manifest.xsf double-clicking on the file.

I get the following error: (perhaps it isn¡¯t correctly translated)

Template of form: file:/// (directory)\manifest.xsf

Infopath isn¡¯t able to open view: Vista1

The following file is not valid: Vista1.xsl

The view file (.xsl) contains custom id atributtes. Because InfoPath generates automatically id atributtes in the .xsl files, it isn¡¯t admitted this view. To use the form, delete the custom id atributtes.

Thanks for help.

In Spanish:

Plantilla de formulario: file:///...\manifest.xsf
InfoPath no puede abrir la siguiente vista: Vista 1
El siguiente archivo de vista no es valido: Vista1.xsl
El archivo de vista (.xsl) contiene atributos id. personalizados. Dado que InfoPath genera automaticamente atributos id. en los archivos .xsl, no se admite esta vista. Para utilizarla en el formulario, quite los atributos id. personalizados.

Re: SharePoint - InfoPath Forms Services The view file (.xsl) contains custom (personalized) id atributtes

David Dean

This might happen if HTML that was created in another application is pasted into the InfoPath designer.

You can try opening Vista1.xsl in Notepad or an XML editor and searching the text for the offending attribute (e.g. id=). If you have a backup copy of an earlier version you can compare against that copy to see what the XSL is *supposed* to look like.