VSTf Wannabe

I have a problem with VSTF and Sharepoint.

I have installed VSTF 2005 successfully on a server using Single Server deployment. Everything was installed and verified correctly. I created my first Pilot Project (MSF for Agile) to see how this would work before I would create a production Project. The Project Creation went fine. I got to the Sharepoint site and wanted to Add a document under the Documents link on the left hand side (the quick Launch bar pane). Here are my steps:

1. Click on Documents link on the left hand side of the site.

2. Click on Create Document Library icon above the heading ¡®Document Libraries¡¯.

3. Click on Document icon under the heading ¡®Document Libraries¡¯.

4. Enter the pertinent information on the page and click on the ¡®Create¡¯ button. Here under the Navigation section, I selected Yes for the option 'Display this document library on the Quick Launch bar '

5. Clicked the Create button.

I go back to the main page for the site and noticed the Document that I created appears under the Documents heading in the Quick Launch bar (which is what I want).

However, there are other documents under the Document heading in the Quick Launch Bar which I don't want. They are Development, Project Management, Requirements, Security. What I did was the following to get rid of them:

1. Click on Site Settings on the top bar.

2. Under the Customization section, click on Modify site content.

3. Click on the document library you want to remove.

4. Under the General Settings section, click on Delete this document library.

5. Repeated this for the above 4 documents (except for the Document which I created in the 1st part above).

When I go back to the Quick Launch bar that has the Documents link, I don't see the Document in which I created in the first part. The other ones are gone (which is fine) but the one I created in the first part isn't there.

I went to Site Settings-->Customization-->Modify site content, clicked on the Content I wanted to modify. I went to Change General Settings and made sure that the document library had Yes when asking 'Display this document library on the Quick Launch bar '. I save the changes but it still doesn't work. In fact, I created a new document to display under the Documents link and made sure Yes was selected for it to display and it still doesn't show. Has anyone else had this problem

Sorry this is long but I wanted to be as descriptive as possible. TIA.