Mike from Surrey

I've successfully created a new Content Source that accesses files from a remote server (in another domain).

The Crawl log shows thousands of items successfully crawled.

However I can't seem to bind them into the search.

I set up a scope for that content source alone, but it doesn't pick up any items (zero count).

Is there something else that I need to do

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Puneet Narula - MSFT

Sorry Mike I replied to the wrong thread...Removing the response

Re: SharePoint - Search Empty Search Scope Problem

Mike from Surrey

Sorry Puneet,

Doesn't really answer the problem that I have.

The problem's not with the execution of the search - but with setting up the indexes that are crawled.

As I mentioned, the crawl logs show that multiple items have been crawled and indexed.

However, these crawled indexes aren't used unless they're bound into some scope

(All this is done within the SharePoint Central Admin: ShareServices: Search Settings location).

To re-state the problem, I have a content source successfully defined and crawled that shows some 11k items indexed.

However, when I try to reference it within a scope (and defining a rule such that Content Source = my newly defined content source) then the item count is reported as zero - even after updating the scopes.

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Hi, Mike.

The item counts reported on the scopes page are security trimmed. Typically, you'll be accessing the scopes page using a farm administrator account. If the farm administrator account does not have read access on the crawled items, then those items will not appear in the item count. Our setup shows the same, and works fine once you log in as a user with read access to the files. Mind you, we're all inside one domain, so this may be complicated by the inter-domain trusts you have set up - couldn't help you there.

Bradley in Nanaimo

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I suspect that the Default Content Access Account used for crawling had insufficient privilege to crawl your remote server in another domain and that you needed to define a crawl rule to specify an alternative authentication account

If this is the case, you cannot see any items in the shared scope as your ShareServices administrator account does not have sufficient privilege to view content on the remote server.

Try granting your SharedServices administrator access to the remote server or grant a user from the remote server's domain administrator access to the SharedServices. I think then you will find that the indexed items on the remote server will miraculously appear in the shared scope. In fact, they had been there all along; you just didn¡¯t have the rights to see them.

Hope this helps. Good luck,


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Patrik Luca

I am experiencing a similar problem. Although I have a single server installation (database, search, index and moss server on one server). My crawling shows hundreds of items being crawled. However, my scopes show 'unavailable' even after updating them (I am just using the default scopes 'All Sites' and 'All people'). If I dive deeper in the scopes it shows 'Error' for the item count. My scopes aren't appearing neither in the drop down boxes on my pages, but I guess this is because they are in an error status, or having 0 items in it

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Bradley Crockett

Patrik, this thread already has an accepted answer. You should probably start a new thread.