Hi Guys

I am very new to MOSS 2007.

we are going to develope an E-Commerce site using the VS 2005 and sql server 2005. In that there are somany static pages are there, Occording to the clients they want to change their content in some period. So that is the reason we came to conslusion to use the MOSS 2007 for the Content Management and Workflows. But we are very new to this technology, so Please give some basic ideas about to implementation of Content Management using MOSS 2007 in 2.0 . Its very urgent , Please give some links to learn more about this...



Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming Content Management in MOSS 2007

Lawrence Liu - MSFT

There's a ton of info on the MOSS Developer Center on MSDN, so start there. Also take a look at the bunch of entries on the ECM Team Blog.

Lawrence Liu
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