Andrea Foote

I have a portal area containing links individually targeted to audiences. If I group the links by the audience, the viewing works fine. However, if I group them by a group name, then people who shouldn't see the links can, even though they aren't a part of the target audience. For example, I have Calif employees and Tenn employees. There is a separate handbook for each of them. If I target the appropriate audience to each handbook and group by audience, by area looks like this:

Calif Employees

CA Handbook

or like this, depending on the person looking

Tenn Employees

TN Handbook

But if I group the area by Group Name, it looks like this to everyone, even if I have already attached the correct audience to the document.


CA Handbook

TN Handbook

I want to group it by Group Name, but only be visible to the targeted audience. How do I make that happen