We are currently looking at the PerformancePoint software to see how it will integrate with MOSS 2007 here at my workplace. Right now, I am focusing on the Monitoring piece and I am having a little trouble. The documentation that I have read makes it sound like I should have some webpart in Sharepoint to view the various scorecards. However, I have been unable to find any of those webparts. I've found a dll that I believe may hold the webparts, but I am not sure how to install them. Any help you could give me on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Becky Isserman

One way to install the dll is go onto the Sharepoint Server and drag the .dll file into the GAC (do a run and type in "assembly"). Then you need the safe control, which is probably in some documentation that the company who created this product. You need to copy this safe control and go into the folder with your web .config file (wherever your IIS directory is, i.e. c:/wwwroot/inetpub/wss/(sharepointdirectory name)/web.config). Open this file up in Notepad and paste the safe control entry after the last entry in between the <safe control></safecontrol> tags. Hit save and you should be good for the next step.
Now you need to go into your Sharepoint Site under "Site Actions"-->"Site Settings" and then click on "Web Parts" under "Galleries". Click on the "New" button. Look for the web part name that you just installed and click the check box, then click on the button at the top called "Populate Gallery". You can now add the webpart to any site within your Sharepoint Site Collection. If something happens let me know. Hope this helps.