My company is running WSS 2k3 and we have configured access to sharepoint on port 8082. To access our sharepoint box from an external location you would go here:


The problem we are encountering is when you open a document library then click on any folder in the document library you get the error "The resource cannot be found. HTTP 404". When you look in the URL the port has been removed so it looks like this:

http://mycompanieswebsiteurl.com/Shared%20Documents/Forms/AllItems.aspx RootFolder=%2fShared%20Documents%2f....

My question is why is the port number removed from the URL when you click on a document library folder, and how can I fix this For now I'm having our employees manually enter the port number when they get this error. This works but obviously isn't a good long term solution.

Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion Port Forwarding Error 404

David Smith (MicroStaff IT)

How exactly did you configure "configure access to SharePoint on port 8082 " Because there are a couple of standard approaches to doing so: one would be to configure an alternate access mapping, and the other would be to create an additional web application by extending your original SharePoint site. It sounds somewhat like you've tried to accomplish your goal through some other media (redirection in IIS, ISA, or through a custom firewall rule), and although users are being properly redirecting to the portal site home page, communication breaks down because SharePoint isn't aware of what you're trying to do.

Now since you're trying to set up the site on an alternate port, I'd think the process of extending a web application would be the better option for you.