I have created the same page - and still 401 error

I am accessing with System account or with account which has full control.

I am using windows authentication in my application (and in SP) - do you do the same

what you mean no "AD"

The user I am suing is domain user

Please explain more - it's very important to me if I can cause it work without complicated settings of enableing delegation for users.


Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming It does not work for me

Peter ebSms

AD = Active Directory (Domain)

The difference is at first, that i do not run a domain. Both servers only have a user with same username and password. ASP.NET Application and SharePoint are running with windows authentication. I have no proxy/firewall between my servers.

Server 1: SRV01

Username: peter.test

Password: demo


Server 2: SRV02

Username: peter.test

Password: demo


When calling http://srv02/_vti_bin/lists.asmx from SRV01 i need to authenticate. Logging in with peter.test/demo i see the List Service Methods overview page.

In the simple demo project i added a Web Reference entering http://srv02/_vti_bin/lists.asmx (i need to authenticate again) and change the Web reference name to HelloMOSS. I added as you did

<authentication mode="Windows"/>

<identity impersonate="true"/>

in the web.config.

I added a textbox with multiple lines to the page and added the following code:

public partial class _Default : System.Web.UI.Page


protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


HelloMOSS.Lists helloMOSS = new HelloMOSS.Lists();

helloMOSS.Credentials = System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

XmlNode xmlNode = helloMOSS.GetListItems("Announcements", null, null, null, "1", null, null);

TextBox1.Text = xmlNode.InnerXml.ToString();



Now i open http://srv01/test/default.aspx on SRV01 and what should i say, i see the xml-code of the first announcement from SRV02 in the textbox.

I'm super sorry, but i think this is a matter for people with more experience in this field. I have no idea why it works for me end not for you. I treid to help, but...

Sorry, Peter

Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming It does not work for me

Peter ebSms

and perhaps smc750 is right. What ever a double hop authentication is.

Perhaps you check

1. if the user you use has the permission level "Use Remote Interfaces"

2. perhaps the user needs but has not the permission level "Enumerate Permissions"

3. if the user you use has no rights for the list you try to access (even if the user has full rights as default in your site. maybe he has no right to the specific list you want to access (add the user to the site collection administrators and you will see)

4. login to MOSS with the user, add a Page Viewer Web Part and enter the URL to your demo page. See if you can see the page. It should work this way too. Without additional authentication.

Greetings, Peter