Ken Morency

Not sure where to post this...

I'm getting a "WebForm_PostBackOptions is undefined" JavaScript error now from MOSS 2007 whenever I try to save a list item.

It is only happening on my XP Pro box with IE 7. When going to the site from my win2k3 box with IE7 everything works fine.

I've searched around the net and found reference to this issue back in SPS 2003. The solution was to add an exclude entry for WebResource.axd in the Managed Paths for the VS. However, MOSS only seems to allow you to add paths for inclusion.

Anyone got any ideas


Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming WebForm_PostBackOptions Error


I am having exactly the same problem when using the site over the internet.

Do you already have a solution for this problem

Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming WebForm_PostBackOptions Error


I'm having a similar problem with a custom web application where the embedded resource files in webresource.axd are being blocked from SharePoint. The solution in 2003 was to exclude the path. I found the stsadm command

STSADM.EXE -o addpath -url http://localhost/path -type exclusion

I tried this and got the message "Exclusions are no longer necessary. SharePoint will detect existing files and virtual directories in the same IIS Web Site and allow them to be served by IIS.

So I'm still stuck as well.