I have a form with two different views hosted in moss. When a person first fills in the form they see view A, then when a reviewer looks at the form they get view B.

I currently have it working by storing a viewID field, where by default the viewID is 1, then after the first submit it changes to 2. Then I have a rule set on opening of the form to change the view based on the viewID.

The problem I have with this though is I don't want the originator to be able to see view B. Only certain members of a sharepoint or AD group should be able to see view B.

Ie, I want the views to be selected based on the rights of the user, instead of the current phase of a workflow.

Is there a way to do this

Cheer, any help appreciated.

Re: SharePoint - InfoPath Forms Services Changing views based on user

Paul Galvin

I would try:

1. Disable views via Tools -> form options.

2. Add a field to the form, "current user" and assign = to the current user.

3. Switch the view based on your view ID and/or current user.

I'm not sure that this is secure-proof solution. I'm not sure if someone could guess at an URL via forms server that would open to "view 2" when they are not allowed to, but I don't think they can.