Hi there,

This is a newbie question but I can¡¯t find the answer in the forum.

I have been asked by to look at creating SharePoint sites for my office.

I have just installed SharePoint Services 3 on a new Server 2003 box with IIS 6

The Server is stand alone with no domain and no AD. It is on a small network with a router to the outside internet. It is on WORKGROUP. Which is not the workgroup of my other PCs

The server is called Development03 on IP

I have created local 3 users on the Server with Admin rights. We are all developers trying this out.

As I currently work from home I exposed the server to the internet so the other developers could log-in.

If they remote desktop into the server then they can run SharePoint from the local IE.

If I surf to the server from inside my network using my development PC I can gain access as long as I pass the credentials. Development03\richard and the user password when requested by the dialog.

I need to let the other developers gain access to SharePoint without having to use Remote Desktop. This emulates how the users will use it.

When they surf to the external IP of the server (it is behind NAT) we get asked for a User Name and password; so we are finding the correct server.

I cannot discover what User Name / password combo it is after.

I have tried



<External-IP>\richard ( I didn't expect this to work)

All with the user password

Can anyone tell me what is requesting the User name SharePoint, IIS or the server

How do I gain access from outside my network.

Any help appreciated.

Richard Byrne

Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation Unable to reach Sharepoint via Internet


Hi Richard,

Try one of the following areas :-

1. On the router, direct http traffic (port 80) to the server. Port 443 if you're using https

2. The login is likely to be WORKGROUP\richard - replacing the workgroup name obviously.

3. I dont know what the exact path to the set up in Sharepoint Services 3, but in MOSS 2007, you may need to add some Alternate Access Mappings to add another site name that is accessible externally. On my system the path to do this in the central admin site is in Operations, Global Configuration, Alternate Access Mappings.

I don't have the url that explains AAM's, but googling will find an article that talks about configuring an ISA server to forward to an internal sharepoint site, later through that article it talks about setting up AAM.

I think it will be a case of doing all 3 of the above as you'll need to get it to configure an externally useable host header in the IIS site.

Good luck.


P.S. I wouldn't post potentially sensitive information (such as IP addresses and a server name) in a forum unless you're confident your site is secure from a potential threat. Might just be my own paranoia though.

Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation Unable to reach Sharepoint via Internet


Cheers Jason,

It's none of them I'm afraid.

1 Already works ( or I wouldn't be asked for a login)

2 Good idea but didn't work

3 Same as 1. I can reach the site. I just can't login

Thanks anyway


Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation Unable to reach Sharepoint via Internet


Well I've had this experience that I still don't believe: I cannot use "Richard" as user name login --Access is always Denied! Richard1 works...weird! WSS 3 .