I am currently using MOSS to implement a portal for a bank named ABC . For each branch we have created a subsite like below:


Each branch has different sections lets say which again is going to be another subsite of the branch. Something like this:


In each section we have a calendar which memebers of that section can create events on it. Now here is my question , we have an employee site (dashboard sort of) called http://ABCPortal/Employees which everyone has access to it (an employee can have access to differnt sections in differnet branches as well). We would like to aggeegate the calander items in all sections of all branches which *emplyee is a memeber of* to the employee site(dashboard).

Originally we thought about content query web part ,but soon we realized that it cannot go cross sites, then RSS feed came to our mind which again is limited to one feed. Is there anything out-of-the-box we can use OR we have to implement our own method

Thanks a lot

Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion How to aggregate items from different calendars into one list or calendar

Randy Ramirez


Are Branch1, Branch2... BranchN and Employees in the same site collection or does each branch and employee's their own site collection Contet Query WP can traverse all sites within a site collection.

If it isn't working for you then it sounds like you do have multiple site collections set up.

Let me know and maybe I can help.