I have a very obscure question, and I'm guessing no one will know the answer, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

I am using a Page Viewer Web Part to display a Folder, which is actually a folder on a shared drive within our organization. It works fine, it shows folder icons, allows you to drill down into individual folders, and allows you to open files within those folders.

My issue is simply that I need for the folders within the Web Part to be sorted, by default, in reverse order. I understand that I can right-click within the box and choose to sort them however I wish, including changing the View from Thumbnails to List to Details, just like in Windows Explorer. However, this is a user-facing application, and my users won't be savvy enough to figure that out, and even if I provided instructions, it would be a negative user experience. The folder contains hundreds of subfolders, each with a date-stamp, and my users will almost always want to view the most recent folders. So, to ask them to scroll to the bottom of the list everytime is not preferable.

Can anyone suggest a solution to specifying the default sort order of the subfolders within this Web Part, either from a Sharepoint perspective or from a Windows Server perspective

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Re: SharePoint - Development and Programming Page Viewer Web Part - Folder

Ishai Sagi

What you are actually doing is showing the user a windows explorer window. Since the configuration on how to display such windows is in each client, you cannot force one way over it.

How about you develop a custom web part (this forum being the "Development and programming" forum) and write it to display the folder in a custom way