There is an option for Task lists under Settings->List Settings->Advanced->Email Notification for the owner of the task to receive an email notification when ownership is assigned or when the task has been changed. I am experiencing some rather inconsistent results with this setting. After the task is assigned the owner will receive an email notifiying them that they were assigned a task. If the task is changed there is not an email being generated by the MOSS server. However if the task is changed by the service account then the email is generated and the owner receives the update, that is the only part of this that is consistent. Overall the Alert Me function works fine throughout the environment and users get all alerts that they have subscribed to. I have opened a ticket with Microsoft and they are actively working the issue but I thought I would see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue. Another note is that Microsoft has been able to repro the same issue in their test lab. Any ideas or help is appreciated. Thanks.