I'm currently working on a design solution to migrate four related websites from another CMS system into Sharepoint. One of the main stumbling blocks we are at is the ability to share content.

The existing CMS system allows the same content to be copied across to the different sites each of which has different structures. By using Sharepoint we can use variations to have a translatation workflow for the content which is fine. The problem comes when sharing this content.

On their intranet site collection, there will be a News site (one of a few areas of shared content) which needs to be "copied" to three other sites collections, each of which has different structures as well as different branding. The Intranet Site would provide a single-point to create variations in two different languages.

We've thought of using Content Deployment to copy content, but this imposes too many limitations on structure as well as issues around branding and setting up. We've also thought about using variation heirarchies to create variations from a parent variation but this does not appear to be possible given the limitations of one variation root per site collection. We've also thought of having separate sites each with their own variation but this means multiple places to translate the same content. We've also thought about having a central site which has all the shared content but this creates problems of a) branding (without creating dynamic templates) and b) links to related content and the branded site navigation being lost.

Effectively what we're trying to do is this:

1. Have four sites

2. Each site contains its own content

3. Each site also accesses or uses content from a shared single repository which is language sensitive (i.e. knows what language items to display)

4. Each site has a variation workflow in place (to manage its own content translatation)

5. The single repository has its own variation workflow in place to manage the shared content translation

6. The branding of one site is consistent regardless of where the content is from (i.e. from its own site, or from the shared repository)

We're currently looking into two possibilities: one is to modify the workflow to copy content from one library to another, the second is this post on your forum

Any help or advice would be received gratefully. If you need more information let me know - this is a very urgent issue for us, and I can't believe it has not been seen or done already!!


Re: SharePoint - Enterprise Content Management Shared multi-lingual content across multiple site collections with different structures

Juan G Ramirez

Hello Stevus,

I'm Working on a project were a have a similar situation, I need to share contend between parent site and sub-site but havení»t been able to get around it. I was wondering if you were able to find a solution



Re: SharePoint - Enterprise Content Management Shared multi-lingual content across multiple site collections with different structures


The way it looks like we're going is to use a custom service which copies content only from one location to another. This maintains any branding implemented on the site or sub-site where the content is copied to. The only problem is any links existing on the page: by links I mean links to content within the site. We're currently looking to see if we can auto-resolve any links and alter the url to match the new structure: it depends on how the copy works - we're still prototyping at the moment. If the page we're linking to is in the same location in the site we're copying to, then it's not a problem, the URL is amended to match the current site (i.e. if it's copying from http://sitea/pages/page.aspx to http://sitea:1033/pages/page.aspx it changes the url from http://sitea... to http://sitea:1033...). However, if the page.aspx is going to be copied somewhere else then the URL doesn't get amended (understandably). So we're seeing how copy works: does it use unique IDs and copy these across...etc etc. If this is true, then we might be able to access the new URL by using the ID and resolve it that way...

For some info on copying see this link:

There's also a Copy.asmx web service (and supporting Object Model if you're developing on the Sharepoint Server directly).

It's all experimental unfortunately. We we're also going to use variations to duplicate content, but the heirarchical limitation leaves it out of the question for us - we can't have a variation of a variation in other words. Content Deployment, as I've said above, is not granular enough - and it's really outside its function to expect more.