Hi there,

i hope this is the correct forum for my following question :

In MOSS 2007, when you're in a list with the web datasheet-view enabled you have the option to export the data into excel. when you click on it excel starts and wants to open the owssvr.iqy in a new spreadsheet.

And just at this point, i was asking myself if its possible to define a template in which the owssvr.iqy will put the exported data in from the list.

Does anybody have a clue about that

greets from mars Smile


Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion Template

Curtis Ruppe (MicroStaff IT)

Out of the box No.

Can it be extended to allow that with custom development Sure. Anything's possible in SharePoint as long as you have enough time, resources, and money.

Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion Template

Tim from Mars

First of all thank you for reply.

But i must admit that it didn't really helped me out with my problem. I know that this problem is quite "special" but

could you or someone else give me at least a small hint where i need to search to find the file(s) to lodge or open the template

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Re: SharePoint - General Question and Answers and Discussion Template

Curtis Ruppe (MicroStaff IT)

Okay, I'll be a little more verbose then. With IQY files, the content is not actually stored in the Spreadsheet. It is pulled from some source (in this case SharePoint), and displayed within a custom rendered section of the Excel spreadsheet. So using your template with an IQY file typically (outside of asthetics) wouldn't amount to much. The IQY file that is created in SharePoint is done through owssvr.dll (if I remember correctly). There are several workarounds you can use to accomplish what I think your overal goal would be, which include creating your own DLL (much like the owssvr.dll) to parse through the SharePoint content and use your correct template. The easiest way (I would think at least) would be to create a new ASP.NET 2.0 page in the LAYOUTS directory (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS) and have that page create an XLSX file (Excel 2007 Open XML format workbook) based on your template and have it put into the sheet the individual rows of the SharePoint list. The only problem is that you would not be able to update the SharePoint list based on this XLSX file. The good news is that if you have Office 2000 or XP (I don't remember the starting point) XLSX will open just fine with the correct service packs and hotfixes applied.