Hey there

Im quite the novice when it comes to SPS 2003 and regular PC maitainance work

This is my current scenario:

I have a machine with Windows server 2003 which is giving several errors.

Hence my company got a new server machine, with far better specs..

Now i need to copy the databases, basically everything from the old machine to the new machine, including Sharepoint 2003 settings etc etc for things to run smoothly(ie w/o the windows serious errors)

Once thats done...i need to upgrade SPS2003 to MOSS '07 on the new pc

Can anyone pls guide me on how to copy all data from the old pc to the new pc (because i cant really do it directly, can i ) and also abt the upgrade bit

I have gone thru several blogs and sites but i havent found much info on database and sps tranfer


I've installed Windows server 2003 on the new machine...also sql server 2005

Re: SharePoint - Setup, Upgrade, Administration and Operation Copy SPS 2003 to another PC and upgrade to MOSS '07

Neil Hodgkinson


I really would not recommend you tackle this yourself unless you have a very good knowledge of how sharepoint 2003 and MOSS 2007 work.

Migrating content from one farm to another is not difficult but you really need to understand exactly how the original solution was built how my customisation have been generated/added in addition to 3rd party or in house webparts. If you know all these answers and are able to understand how to deploy the customisation onto the new machine then you willfind some help with the rest.

If the solution is vanilla i.e. uncustomised it will most likely be easier to take the exising content database(s) and do a content datbase attach upgrade method rather than migrate from 2003>2003>2007

Post your answers to my question above and let's take it from there