I create a Document Center site and add a Document library named excelServiceSample to store excel document

The location of excelServiceSample is :" http://vistaserver:27490/sites/bj/Doc/excelServiceSample"

And I create a "Trusted file location" and assign the address to excelServiceSample("http://vistaserver:27490/sites/bj/Doc/excelServiceSample")

But I can't use "View in Web Browser" to view the excel document I uploaded in excelServiceSample directory....
The error message is:
You do not have permissions to open this file on Excel Services.
Make sure that the file is in an Excel Services trusted location and that you have access to the file.

My logon
account is the administrator .
I can access the page of "Excel Services " And the address is

Any suggestion
A lots of thanks in advance for you

Re: SharePoint - Excel Services can't use way of View in Web Browser

andrew woodward


This should work (I have tried the same here). You may want to try editing the Trusted connection and resaving it (I did this after I got an initial permission error) and it worked.



Re: SharePoint - Excel Services can't use way of View in Web Browser

Luis Bitencourt-Emilio - MSFT

This should work fine. Double check your settings/permissions and make sure you're an Owner/Contributor/User on that particular site or that Administrators have access to it.

If the above post worked out please mark it as the response. If you're still having trouble can you paste a snippet of your ULS logs when you're trying to access the file