We are able to click on shared documents using intranet and the pages open up. But using extranet, can get all the way to the shared portal, click on a sub page then click shared documents and we get a page can not be displayed. BUT if I go up to the address bar and type in the full URL .../shared%20documents/forms/allitems.aspx the page will open up. Has anyone run into this before where the link will not work but typing in the address the link points to works externally

We have made sure all patches and updates are working. We are running Sharepoint 3.0 side by side with 2.0 on Small Business Server 2003. We followed the knowledge base so that both company web used 2.0 version and our shared site used the new 3.0 version.

Thank you in advance.

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Ivan Wilson

I have seen this happen before. In my case it was the ISA Server that was preventing access because of special characters in the URL. I could replace these characters with others (from memory it was spaces) and get back the page.

The ISA administrator was able to change a setting to permit the characters for our extranet.

Check out this KB article, it might be relevant: