I have installed the Help Desk template on a server, and our IT department is testing it out. We have found a few things that we will need to be able to fix, but have not found a way to do so. Any help would be much appreciated.

1- We do not want users to see all service requests, so in the Advenced Settings for the Service Requests list, we have changed the permissions so that users can only edit and read their own service requests. Well, at first, this seemed great. But if a user, John Doe, calls in complaining his machine won't boot, and TechnicianA creates a Service Request for him, when John Doe logs in, he cannot see said Service Request. It would seem that when I changed it so users can only see/edit their own, it goes by Owner (or Creator), not by Customer. Is there a way to modify the permissions so that users can see Service Requests that either they put in, or a technician puts in, and specifies them as the Customer

2- Is it possible to set permissions in such a way that users can submit/add their own Service Request, but cannot edit it The main reason is that the NewForm.aspx page does not include a Priority field (the custom NewForm.aspx page I created also removed Assigned To with a Category drop-down menu). I would like users to be able to edit certain columns in the list, but not others. If users realize they can submit a Service Request, then change the priority on their own requests, that will certainly be a problem.

3- The higher ups are asking for some sort of reporting features, so they can discuss what we do each month in their meetings. Other than exporting the list to a spreadsheet and using that as a report, is there a way to generate a report (total service requests from date A to date B, service requests by technician, etc)

4- Has anyone figured out the broken Attachment functionality with custom forms

If anyone has any suggestions/comments, I would really appreciate it. I am very new to SharePoint (stumbled through SharePoint Designer enough to modify the new/edit forms), and this was all dropped in my lap. If anyone knows of any useful 3rd party solutions we might be able to purchase, that too is an option.

Re: SharePoint - Design and Customization Help Desk template


I had another problem. Suppose John Doe submits a ticket. I have created a custom NewForm.aspx that replaced the Assigned To field with a Category drop down list. I would prefer users not be able to choose what technician works on their requests. Anyway, when John Doe clicks Edit for his ticket, instead of there being a People Picker field next to Assigned To, the following is displayed: "The control is not available because you do not have the correct
permissions." This I like. Does anyone know how to set similar permissions on other columns (namely Priority) so that users cannot escalate their own requests

An alternative solution would be to create custom forms (New/Edit/Disp) for technicians and separate forms for end users. I just don't know how to tell SharePoint to use the appropriate custom form based on group memberships of the logged in user.