As part of my project, I have created a large number of Sharepoint groups programmatically to use as audiences.

The user edits the list or document item (in an audience-enabled list or library) and adds to the "target audiences" field.

To find the audience they want from the large list I created, the user needs to know the name of the group or use the dialog box to search for the one they want.

For each user, though, there are a few audiences that are particularly pertinent to them. I want to find a way of letting the user pick from this limited list quickly.

The ideal situation would be a checkboxlist underneath the "target audiences" box on the edit properties page. I am doubtful if this is possible but would love to be proven wrong.

Instead, I wondered whether a feature might help. I followed these instructions to create a feature that looks like it has potential:


This feature creates a button on the toolbar on the item properties page that pops up a new page. I could make that pop up page show a checkboxlist of the audiences (SP groups) relevant to the current user. My problem is: how to use javascript to get the selected information into the "target audiences" field I've looked at the source html from this page and it was very unfriendly!

Has anyone else got any experiences/advice on what I am trying to do Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Many thanks,