I am currently building some apps using sharepoint and I am running into a problems.

To explain it in short:

1) I have a website (web_A) which has a custom content type ¡°custom_A¡± which inherits from ¡°Discussion¡± of group folder.

2) This website has a list in it called ¡°webList_A¡±.

3) Situation 1: I create a new SPList item in weblist_A called item_A. Item_A is of type custom_A and I assign a title ¡°Title_A¡± to it.

4) My view for list_A shows only the titles i.e. Title, LinkTitle and LinkTitleNoMenu

5) So far so good.

6) I now try to edit item_A and while doing that I change its title to ¡°Title_A_New¡±.

7) Now after I update I expect to see all 3 titles to change to new value

8) But instead I see only ¡°Title¡± changes to new value and ¡°LinkTitle¡± and ¡°LinkTitleNoMenu¡± have the same old value.

Is this a known issue I need to have a content type inherited from ¡°Discussion¡± in my design. I tried experimenting with alternate content types inheriting from Item, Folder etc and none of them seem to have this title issue. Is there a workaround